Clute House Foundation Repair

Max Press Foundation Repair in Clute, TX is the premier source for house foundation repair projects. Our experts offer a full range of services to meet all your foundation needs. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next foundation inspection or home project.

  • Foundation InspectionsPier and Beam Foundation Repair: Pier and beam foundations are made of wood, therefore they’re susceptible to deterioration over time. Support footings may also suffer from soil movements. When you need pier and beam foundation repairs, the experts on our team are fully equipped for the job.
  • Foundation repair: Foundations need to last forever. Sometimes, they need a little TLC to do so. To keep your foundation in top shape, we provide industry-leading techniques to properly care for it. Our repairs are reliable, top-quality and delivered with superior service.
  • House Lifting/House Raising: We offer the knowledge and skills required to separate your home from its foundation to make any repairs that are necessary. We apply over 20 years of experience with house leveling to every job, so you can rest assured your home lifting is in qualified hands.
  • Water Damage Repair/Rotten Wood Repair: Exposed to warm, moist conditions, wood foundations can rot. It’s important to treat this right away to avoid foundation deterioration that will impair your structure. If the water damage repair is properly handled, isolated sections can be repaired by professionals to salvage it.

Take It to the Max

Trust your home foundation repair work to no none other than the best. Max Press Foundation Repair offers extensive experience and industry-leading expertise to ensure your foundation is solid. Contact us today at 979-248-9738 for a free estimate on your next foundation inspection.